Actor's play is smoking

By Alex Lewis THE smoking ban may have just been introduced, but a young actor is hoping to hit the big time with a play all about Cigarettes ...

THE smoking ban may have just been introduced, but a young actor is hoping to hit the big time with a play all about Cigarettes.
Josh Hart, 20, will be treading the boards from next week at the Soho Theatre in London in 20 Cigarettes.
The play is about a man who looks back at the most significant Cigarettes in his life in as a psychiatrist tries to help him to kick the habit.
Josh, who lives in Brampton Avenue, St Albans is about to enter his final year at the University of Manchester, where he is studying English and drama. He became involved with the play through the National Youth Theatre (NYT), of which he has been a member for several years, and will appear both in the chorus and as Philippe, a French revolutionary.
He said: "I wanted to do a play at the Soho Theatre because it's quite an exciting place to be. In 20 Cigarettes the main character, Oscar, is trying to give up smoking, and as part of his therapy he goes for a method where he has to look back at the 20 most significant moments of his life. It spans about 40 years, and it looks at the changing face of fashion and politics. It really plays to the strengths of the National Youth Theatre and gives everyone a chance to shine in their own right."
The play is the sixth project Josh has taken part in with the NYT, and he says he hopes to forge a career out of acting.
"I get a real buzz out of it, both writing and performing," he said. "Being on the stage is what I really enjoy doing but of course I'd snap up the chance to work in film or television.
"I appeaRed in the NYT's production of  Much Ado About Nothing at the Hackney Empire last year, and acting with the Royal Shakespeare Company is one of my life goals.
"I really admire actors like Ian Holm. I also like Michael Gambon, Ian McKellen and Daniel Craig."
With just one week to go until opening night, Josh says he is not feeling too nervous. He said: "The nervousness sort of creeps up on you slowly while you're busy getting into character.
"I'm excited though, it's a great opportunity."


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