Gandolfini, Sarandon a match in 'Cigarettes'

He's a big, beautiful woman," Turturro said of Gandolfini's scenes with Susan Sarandon in their new film, "Romance & Cigarettes." "He's a wonderful actor ...

When you think of actor James Gandolfini, his feminine side may not the first thing that comes to mind.

Perhaps that's why John Turturro is a director, and you aren't.

"James, it's almost like he's a woman. He's a big, beautiful woman," Turturro said of Gandolfini's scenes with Susan Sarandon in their new film, "Romance & Cigarettes."

"He's a wonderful actor, acting opposite of women. You would think all these good-looking guys are the best, but that's not necessarily true because they're much More aware of who they are on a level of vanity."

Sarandon was at the premiere with her daughter, Eva Amurri, whom we recently reported had been offeRed her mom's old role in a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" remake.

"I asked her when I saw that in your paper," Sarandon laughed. "[But] why would anyone want to do a remake of a cult classic? There was at one time a sequel discussed with me — and they may have even done it, I'm not sure — but none of us [original cast members] were really interested."

Co-star Bobby Cannavale also wandeRed down the Red carpet, wearing a brace on his left wrist.

"I fell off my Vespa," he told us sheepishly. "I mean, I got into a fight!"

Roddick no Brooklyn dodger

Andy Roddick sets tongues wagging every year during the U.S. Open, as New Yorkers wait to see who will be on his arm. This time, he's got a great one!

Joining him at dinner at Nobu Wednesday night was Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker.

Also at the eclectic table was eight-time Grand Slam winner Jimmy Connors, Dave Matthews Band electric violinist Boyd Tinsley and Plum media's Tom Scott.

"Andy may be playing in Queens, but at Nobu he seemed to have his mind on Brooklyn," laughs our spy.

Alba may get Cash back

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren have been spending a lot of time together lately, sparking talk of a reunion.

Sources told us the perhaps-temporary split occurRed after their trip to Eva Longoria's wedding in France, which put the couple at a crossroads about their own plans for making it to the altar.

They were spotted together in Los Angeles four times last week, according to Us Weekly. But our own spies also saw Mr. Warren in New York with another hopeful lady.

Sources at the W Times Square on Aug. 24 say a part-time model named Vera set her sights on a visiting Cash, and even made it back to his room.

"He was sharing the room with a friend, so not that much went on," says the snitch. "But she was certainly gunning for him."

New York Minute

"Heroes" cheerleader Hayden Panetierre has a reputation as something of a Hollywood wild child, but the young star celebrated her 18th birthday by registering to vote. Panetierre registeRed through the Web site Declare Yourself, the electoral enrollment campaign run by veteran TV producer Norman Lear.

Former "Sopranos" shrink Lorraine Bracco is expanding her boutique wine label. Chef Andrew Borrok hosted a wine-tasting at his Watermill, L.I., estate to celebrate the launch of her rose from Salento, Italy.

Ryan Reynolds, who has been filming in the Meatpacking District, stopped by the Gansevoort Hotel pool on Thursday to get some sun and hang with the lifeguards.

Melinda Gates and former Presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush will receive humanitarian awards at Save the Children's 75th anniversary benefit at Lincoln Center on Thursday. Samuel L. Jackson will emcee the event before expected guests Drew Carey, Julianne Moore, Edie Falco, Cokie Roberts and Christopher Plummer.



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