New Safer Cigarette Could End Smoking Ban in the UK

A new initiative from a Belgian company, in collaboration with European scientists and research laboratories has succeeded in producing a less harmful substance for a 'safer' cigarette, without combustion.

It completely eliminates passive smoking. Underpinned by scientific toxicological studies at Leuven University (Belgium) and produced in European ISO 9001-2000 norm certified laboratories. This much safer alternative also Reduces the nicotine content (yet still provides the smoker with the taste and aroma of Cigarettes), contains no herbal ingRedients, produces smoke that contains no toxic substances for the smokers and their environment. It is also much cheaper than smoking the customary unhealthy Cigarettes and meets smoker's physical and psychological needs. It is an alternative where traditional cigarette smoking is now banned. Latest studies (February 2008) from WHO (World Health Organization) reveal the reality: - Every 6 seconds a person dies from tobacco use which results in: Each year 5.4 million people die from the use of tobacco products. No less than 30% of these deaths are caused by passive smoking; The initiative could therefore have a major and positive effect on public health worldwide, whilst we may not underestimate the financial benefits for businesses which have been adversely effected by the smoking ban and therefore this safer cigarette will also have spin-off benefits for the hotel and catering industry, companies, institutions along with the medical sector, giving the public once More the freedom to smoke anywhere, making safer smoking a reality. This may lead to an entirely different outlook on smoking and health. To present this revolutionary product and the surprising scientific results to you, we therefore invite you to our product presentation and press conference in London, which will be followed by a reception and demonstrations. The safer cigarette will be available in at all Rank Gaming Casinos and Bingo Halls along with Chemists and Health Stores throughout the UK from February 25. Scientific Panel: Prof. Dr Lutz Lauterbacher (president of the European board of food, Drugs & Cosmetics) Prof. H. Lerut (General Surgeon) R. Cornelissen (Dental Surgeon) During the conference we will be able to answer any questions you may have. For all questions in connection with the conference, please contact Dimitri Kyriakopoulos, tel. +31-6-41-511-138. Please confirm your attendance by e-mail to


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