Study: One Joint Equals Five Cigarettes

According to the latest Monitoring the Future report, More than 40 percent of 12-graders have experimented with marijuana.

FORMBY newsagents do not agree with Government proposals to ban displaying Cigarettes behind their counters. Their remarks come after the Public Health Minister Dawn Primarolo said that it was vital to teach children that smoking was bad. Stricter controls on pub vending machines and in restaurants are also being discussed and the public will be consulted. Peter Walton, owner of Brows Lane Newsagents, said: “I don’t think it will make the slightest bit of difference. “If people want to smoke they will smoke. “They have put the prices of Cigarettes up and it makes no difference. “The thing that would worry me would be, if they did decide to do it, who would be responsible for the alterations to put them behind the counter? “It’s a very expensive procedure and costs a thousand pounds. The profit margins on Cigarettes are very poor anyway so it wouldn’t be worth it. “Shop owners like me would probably stop stocking Cigarettes altogether and the carte blanche would go to the supermarkets. We don’t sell Cigarettes to under-age children anyway, so it doesn’t hold water. The Association of Convenience stores said forcing shops to hide Cigarettes would create practical difficulties and result in extra expense for shop owners. Susan Cairns, from Village News in Halsall Lane, said: “I don’t think it’s a good idea. I’m not sure how it would be enforced if we had Cigarettes under the counter anyway. “I smoke myself but I wouldn’t encourage children to smoke – definitely not. I think 18 is a good age and we wouldn’t sell them to kids anyway. “This is just going to drive the sale of Cigarettes underground and people aren’t going to like having something that was in view taken away.”


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