Worries over cigarette sales to kids

Retailers in the Mudgee have failed to comply with national legislation and supplying Cigarettes to minors.

Retailers in the Mudgee have failed to comply with national legislation and supplying Cigarettes to minors. A study in Mudgee has uncoveRed a considerable number of local businesses selling Cigarettes to minors. Test purchasing over the past three months has uncoveRed six out of ten sales of Cigarettes were obtained without having to show the requiRed identification. Three premises were repeat offenders. Retailers and their employees can face prosecution and large fines if they sell to youth people and both can incur maximum a fine of $5,500 if they have sold tobacco products to a person under the age of 18 years. Test purchases and education programs have been going on for many years, giving retailers no outlet for excuses if caught selling Cigarettes to customers under 18 years. Retailers are encouraged to ask for identification of all youths that appear under the age of at least twenty-five. Specialised Tobacconist, Tobacco Station Group (TSG) in Mudgee couldn’t agree More. In the study, TSG repeatedly asked test purchasers to provide the necessary identification and refused sale when it was not provided. “We simply refuse service if the customers fail to show ID when asked, regardless of how old they claim they are,” TSG employee, Tony Telechea said. “There’s no exceptions.” “There always has been a problem with minors wanting to purchase Cigarettes, but it’s easily avoided,” he said. “We ask anyone who looks under 25, just to make sure.” Greater Western Area Health Service has said that despite the penalties, too many retailers are continuing to sell tobacco products to young people. Area Manager Population Health for GWHAS, Dr Tony Brown suggested that by Reducing young people’s access to tobacco products will in turn Reduce the number of young people who take up smoking. According to GWAHS they regularly monitor the sale of tobacco across Western New South Wales to ensure retailers are abiding by the law. They suggest that by tobacco retailers adopting simple strategies, such as asking for photo identification they and their staff can sure they comply with the Public Health Act, when selling tobacco products. GWAHS has said that the sale of Cigarettes to underage customers still is a state wide concern. To show their desire in stopping the sale of Cigarettes to underages, GWHAS will provide environmental health staff to hold an education session to update retailers and their employees about the responsibilities when selling tobacco. Retailers interested in finding out More, should phone 6841 5569 for More information.


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