To smokers will suggest to exhale

The State Duma prepares new restrictions for manufacturers of tobacco. Yesterday on the inter-regional teleconference which have passed in Barnaul deputies of the State Duma from fraction "United Russia" have sounded a series of measures, directed on restriction of smoking of tobacco in Russia.

The key offer - an absolute prohibition of advertising of tobacco production. The first vice-president of committee of the State Duma on health protection Nikolay Gerasimenko has declaRed that the federal law accepted still in July, 2001 «About restriction of smoking of tobacco» works till now "not completely". As he said, in the near future the State Duma will make amendments to this document. "The inscriptions warning about danger of smoking, will occupy 50 % of the area of a cigarette pack, - the deputy has told. - also we will achieve an absolute prohibition of advertising of tobacco. And the right to define, in what bar or restaurant to resolve smoking, it will be given municipalities». Prime minister Vladimir Putin yesterday spoke about bad habits also, acting at session of presidium of council at the president of Russia on realisation of priority national projects and the demographic policy (is More detailed - on p. 11). Participants of the market consider that the interdiction of advertising will not give expected effect. "Consumers have the right to the information on a got product. We are obliged it to give. Without advertising will make it extremely inconveniently", - so have commented on the initiative of deputies in the Russian representation of company Japan Tobacco International. «In our country the absolute prohibition of advertising of legally made product will be Constitution infringement», - the general director of association "Tabakprom" Vadim Zhelnin has told. - Advertising is the tool of competitive struggle a little influencing the general consumption level ". Zhelnin also has reminded that the decision on increase in warning inscriptions was accepted last year:« It is registeRed in technical regulations from December, 26th, 2008. The norm about warning inscriptions will come into force on June, 26th, 2010. On the one hand packs of 30 % the inscription «will occupy Smoking kills», and 50 % another - a warning inscription ». Members of Parliament consider that increase of duties should become one More measure of influence on tobacco branch.« Practice shows that 10 percent growth of excises on Cigarettes Reduces quantity of smokers by 3 % », - has declaRed Gerasimenko. But participants of the market are assuRed, as the increase in excises will not lower number of smokers.« Excises increase annually, - Zhelnin has explained. - In 2001 it has been collected 9 mlrd roubles of excises, and in 2008 - 63 billion Thus the volume of the Russian market of Cigarettes remained approximately identical - nearby 390 mlrd pieces ". We will remind that till 2007 tobacco excises annually raised approximately on 5 - 7 %. But since January, first, 2007 in Russia the two-level system of duties on tobacco production has started to operate. The first part collect under the fixed rate from thousand pieces of Cigarettes, and the second calculate from a ceiling price specified on a pack. As a result the general duty following the results of 2007 has grown approximately on 30%. Zhelnin has cited as an example France where the pack costs about 10 euros: "Frenchmen buy in the black market Polish or even the Russian Cigarettes for 3 - 4 euros. And in Baltic, according to official figures, the share of illegal Cigarettes in the market reaches 40 %". Physicians support members of Parliament. The director of the state research centre of preventive medicine of the Russian Academy of Medical Science Raphael Oganov named the sounded measures expected. "Movement goes within the limits of the obligations accepted by Russia at joining to the Frame convention of the World organisation of public health services on struggle against tobacco", - he has told to the correspondent of "Newspaper". By data the CART, past year Russia has taken the fourth place in the world by quantity of the smokers making about 30 % of the population of the country.


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