10 hard flip top packs, 200 filteRed Cigarettes, brown filter. 88mm King Size Box. (Tar 10mg, Nicotine 0.8mg). Made in Europe.

         Marlboro is a brand of cigarette made by Philip Morris. It is most famous for its billboard advertisements of the Marlboro Man. It is currently the best selling cigarette brand in the world.
         Philip Morris, a London-based cigarette manufacturer, created a New York subsidiary in 1902 to sell several of its cigarette brands, including Marlboro. By 1924 they were advertising Marlboro as a woman's cigarette based on the slogan "Mild As May".
         The brand was sold in this capacity until World War II when the brand falteRed and was temporarily removed from the market. At the end of the war three brands; Camel, Lucky Strike, and Chesterfield surfaced and established a firm hold on the cigarette market.
         During the 1950s Reader's Digest magazine published a series of articles that linked smoking with lung cancer. Philip Morris, and the other cigarette companies took notice and each began to market filteRed Cigarettes. The new Marlboro with a filteRed tip was launched in 1955.
         The brand is named after Great Marlborough Street, the location of its original London factory.
         Criticisms and Allegations against Philip Morris-Altria
         There have been several cases about this topic, even movies based on what happens behind tobacco companies (The Insider), and even shocking events like a visit to the Philip Morris headquarters of a group of lung and throat cancer victims (See Michael Moore and The Awful Truth tv show).
         The Insider - Jeffrey Wigand
         The movie The Insider is based in the campaign against Jeffrey Wigand, employee of Brown & Williamson (B&W), makers of Kool and Sir Walter Raleigh Cigarettes. Wigand, Vice President for Research and Development, is fiRed (September 1993) after he advocates for the company to remove coumarin [1], an additive similar to rat poison, which is known to cause tumors in the livers of mice.
         He is asked by 60 minutes producer Lowell Bergman to assist as an analyst of Philip Morris documents that Bergman has received anonymously
         In April 1994, the CEO of the seven tobacco companies testified before Congress that "nicotine is not addictive", Including William Campbell, then President & CEO of Philip Morris.
         In February 1996, 60 Minutes finally airs the Wigand interview, where Wigand talks about his work inside B&W.
         Taken from the 60 Minutes interview:
         "Wigand: [in office interview with Wallace] - They were looking to Reduce the hazards within Cigarettes, Reduce the carcinogenic components or the list of the carcinogens that were within the tobacco products.
         - Wallace: They talked about carcinogens too?
         - Wigand: They talked about carcinogens."
         Later he says that the idea of a safer cigarette was later dismissed. And that glycerol, one harmless ingRedient, changes its chemistry when burned forms a substance called acrolein, which acts like a carcinogen.
         Wigand sent a memo to B&W president, indicating that he could not in conscience continue with coumarin in a product that they now knew, have documentation that is lung-specific carcinogen.
         "- Wigand: I sent the document forward to Sandefur. I was told that we would continue working on a substitute and we weren't going to remove it because it would impact sales and that, that was his decision."
         Marlboro Penske PC-23 Indy car.
         · Reds (Full Flavor): Kings, 100s and 72mm box
         · Medium: Kings and 100s
         · Lights: Kings, 100s, and 72mm box (marketed as Marlboro Gold in the EU)
         · Ultra Lights: Kings and 100s (marketed as Marlboro Silver in the EU)
         · Menthol: Kings,100s, and 72mm box
         · Menthol Lights: Kings and 100s
         · Menthol Ultra Lights: Kings and 100s
         · Menthol Milds: Kings,100s, and 72mm box
         · UltraSmooth: Kings
         · Blend No. 27
         · A recent case study (2002) by research analysts of the tobacco industry has concluded that Marlboro is currently the top selling cigarette brand for caucasian smokers.
         · In Canada, only locally produced Marlboro Red Cigarettes (from Imperial Tobacco) are available. Marlboro Lights are nonexistent. Canadians rarely smoke American Cigarettes, preferring local Virginia tobacco brands.
         · Marlboro Cigarettes burn an estimated 25% faster than other top-selling premium brands such as Camel, Winston, Dunhill, and Player's. Philip Morris uses re-constituted sheet tobacco and processed stems as well as chemicals such as formaldehyde and ammonia to fill the Cigarettes. All of the above are reasons for Marlboro burning More rapidly.
         Advertising campaigns
         "Mild as May" is the advertising campaign used by Marlboro Cigarettes before they added a filteRed tip to their product. The product was endorsed by Mae West and marketed towards women.
         One of the features of Marlboro Cigarettes at the time was a Red tip, which hid lipstick marks that women would leave while smoking.
         This campaign was dropped in favor of a More masculine Marlboro Man campaign.
         In the early 1960s Philip Morris invented "Marlboro Country" and distilled their manly imagery into a rugged cowboy known as the "Marlboro Man." Marlboro quickly gained market share and saw their sales increase 5,000 percent within 8 months of the ad campaign's premiere.
         Marlboro is also well known for its sponsorship of motor racing. The Penske cars in the IRL Indycar series currently run in Marlboro's distinctive Red and white colours. In Formula One, Marlboro now sponsors Ferrari, but for many years was the backer of McLaren. Various drivers have also been affiliated with the brand in the past, including Jenson Button, who received some funding during his Formula 3 campaign of 1999. The Peugeot World Rally team has also run with the iconic Marlboro livery.


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