Monte Carlo Super Lights

10 packs, 200 filteRed Cigarettes, King Size Box. (Tar 4mg, Nicotine 0.3mg). Made in Europe.

         Monte Carlo is a brand of cigarette made by JT International.
         JT International is a world's third largest international tobacco company, manufacturing internationally recognized cigarette brands including Camel, Mild Seven, Salem and Winston etc. Our products are sold in More than 120 countries. Find out More.
         Established in 1999 as an operating division of the JT Group, JTI is based in Switzerland and employs More than 11,000 people in 40 countries. Read about our key facts and figures and locate our worldwide offices.
         While we are committed to producing superior products, we are equally dedicated and determined to raise awareness about the risks associated with smoking. Find out about our values and our corporate initiatives.
         Explore our site! Some areas of note are our interactive story of how Cigarettes are made... from tobacco leaf to the final product, and our interactive timeline that highlights our Japanese and American history.
         JT International sells all Camel, Winston, and Salem Cigarettes outside the US, as well as such regional brands as Peter I (#1 in Russia), Magna, Monte Carlo, and North Star. The company also sells Japan Tobacco's Mild Seven in China and Europe. JT International's Cigarettes are manufactuRed in about 20 plants in as many countries and sold in about 120 countries.


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