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West JEFFERSON, NC, - Next Safety, Inc. announced Friday, June 15th the discovery of basic mechanisms which will allow the effective ...

West JEFFERSON, N.C.- Next Safety, Inc. announced Friday, June 15th the discovery of basic mechanisms which will allow the effective pulmonary delivery of broad classes of medications, including nicotine. Today the company is providing additional information that underscores the fundamental nature of the breakthrough.
According to Phillip Weaver, a co-inventor of the process, "the company has deliveRed nicotine with such high efficiency and efficacy that an inhaled dose equal to less than 30 percent of that inhaled from the average cigarette yields psychoactive results that last 12 to 18 hours in the average person." Receptors in the brain receive nicotine rapidly without the inhalation of the More than 300 combustion byproducts contained in cigarette smoke.
"We are able to deliver medications with extremely high diffusion rates into the alveoli" said Lyndell Duvall, director of technology & product development for Next Safety, Inc. "Not only can we deliver medications that reach significant blood levels rapidly (e.g. in less than 30 seconds) but More importantly we can shape the blood concentration versus time to optimize efficacy: important for certain antibiotics where high (i.e. blood concentration) peaks and low troughs are desiRed."
In the field of anti-emetics, such as anti-nausea drugs, the technology holds Extraordinary potential: the ability to inhale four to five times from a pocket size device to eliminate nausea in less than 30 seconds. "The potential for this technology in anti-emetics and analgesics for chronic pain sufferers is astounding," said C. Eric Hunter, CEO and founder of Next Safety, Inc.
The company has numerous patents pending covering More than 30,000 drugs and 3.8 million proteins and peptides utilizing this new method and associated devices.
Next Safety, Inc. will release complete results of its work for peer review and subsequent publication in late July.
About Next Safety, Inc
Next Safety's bPure8000(TM) line of respirators provide higher protection against airborne viruses and fine particulate air pollution than any other respirator available globally. Next Safety now brings the same innovative approach to the science of pulmonary drug delivery and nicotine replacement.

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