5 Vintage Brands of Rolling Papers

Ever sit back and think of the good old days? I am talking about the days, back when the popular way of smoking your bud, was is a joint. It was the time, when every pothead or stoner walked around with a pack of their favorite brand of rolling papers, in preparation for that next baking. Remember those days? Do you remember what some of the brands of rolling papers were? If not, here are 5 vintage brands of rolling papers, that may help refresh your memory.

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Bull Durham - One of the original rolling papers, which unfortunately is no longer in production, since Bull Durham tobacco is no longer available. Although an original packaged pack of these rolling papers are hard to come by, there still are a few floating around out there. The odds are you won't be able to twist up a joint in one of them, but the definitely would make a great collectible for weed connoisseurs.

One & a Half - This once-popular brand had very colorful packing, that contained flowers, a sunrise or a sunset, and some other very fun art on the cover. It always considered the contents (weed) that would be rolled up in it a flower, so it added this quote by Thomas Benton, "After all, it's only a weed that turns your to a flower in your mind". Although it will not be as hard to find as the Bull Durham Rolling Papers, it will take some effort to get your hands on a pack oh these 1 ½s.

Gambler - This product from Republic Tobacco, was always known for it's good tasting, and very smooth tobacco. It was also very popular because the product was reasonably priced, for the quality you were getting. This 1 ¼ vintage paper is hard to come by, and last I checked there were only a few left out there for sale.

Rizla + Light - These popular rolling papers from the 1960s-1970s, were a favorite amongst joint rollers, that liked using un-gummed papers. The paper also displayed a beautiful watermark of the brand name, "Rizla +", all over each sheet. Although there aren't many, you can definitely find some mint condition packs that are still available.

Midnight Special - These historic favorites from the 1960s-1970s, came in a dark red packet with bold white lettering, with their signature steam train logo right beside it. These rolling papers are one of the hardest to come by, and most that are still left can only be found in old pouches of Midnight Special tobacco. So, if you are looking to take a "Midnight Special" for some good old memories, your best bet is to try and search for a pouch of the tobacco instead.

So did it bring back some memories of some good times? If so, then this article was a job well done, because it is always nice to sit and think back remembering the good times we had. These are some of the great memories that we just can't let slip away, because they are part of what makes us the stoners we are today.

What Rolling Papers should you use?

Currently, the most popular rolling papers are these due to both the sleek design and the general quality of the papers. You can see straight away that they are more transparent than other brands you may be use too. They come at the same price as others but offer a little more value for money.

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